Rothy’s: They’re Shoes Made from WHAT?!

For those of you who have never heard of this brand, Rothy’s is a women’s shoe company that has become increasingly popular, especially in the working world. These shoes as I said, have become increasingly popular, so much so that they now have brands imitating their original style shoe but at a cheaper price point.

The brand now has five different styles to choose from as well as a children’s line of two styles. Each style has several color and/or pattern options. The original styles include The Flat, The Point and The Loafer. However as the brand has grown they have added two additional styles- The Sneaker (similar to Vans slip ons) and The Chelsea (which is their take on the popular shoe trend called Chelsea Boots.)

If you aren’t already intrigued by this company, wait until you hear this… ALL their shoes are made from WATER BOTTLES!! Yup you read that right, their shoes are made from recycled plastic water bottles. This Company is, as they put, sustainable since day one. In the past three years they have “taken over 30 MILLION plastic bottles destined for landfills and repurposed them into a timeless and durable flat.” If you STILL aren’t impressed by the sustainability of these shoes, they are machine washable so you shoes will always be able to be easily cleaned.

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