Lush: The Beauty Brand Doing Their Part to Help the Environment

I’m sure most people have heard of this company whether they’ve bought products from there or not. This company is most famous for its bath bombs but has a variety of products, all of which are sustainably made.

Most of their products are package free. However, the ones that need packaging such as shampoo and cleansers are sold in little black pots. These little black pots are made from recycled plastic. The store offers a program where you can return 5 black pots to the store and they will give you a face mask in return. The pots are sent back to their Vancouver supplier.

Lush Promises their products are ethically and sustainably made. Their paper bags for purchases are 100% recycled and also compostable. To reduce waste, they have come up with products like solid shampoo bars to help save water in production. According to their website, they have saved 118,800 gallons of water each year.

If more companies thought about their “footprint” on the environment, that would make a huge difference on the environment. Will it be enough is the question.

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