Part of the plastic problem is everyone thinks, it’s just one plastic straw or cup or whatever item you used. Now imagine everyone having this mentality and that’s how we ended up where we are.

I’ll admit I’m not perfect when it comes to reusable items. I’m pretty good with using reusable bags, I’m great with using a reusable water bottle but when it comes to straws that’s where it becomes a challenge.

At home, I only use reusable straws. I hate metal straws so I found some silicone straws that do the trick. While I’m great at using reusable straws at home, I forget to bring a straw with everywhere, especially since I don’t like metal straws (the only ones that have a collapsible to-go option).

I always need a straw for my drink at restaurants otherwise I spill it all over myself… Yes I know that sounds like a toddler… but that’s what happens all to often.

Also, Starbucks offers a discount off your drink if you bring a reusable cup. Something I forget.. every. single. time… Will I one day remember? Who knows, but one can hope.

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