10 Cents… Not Today

I’m sure pretty much everyone has heard about how some businesses (especially in Connecticut) have started to due away with plastic bags and charge 10 cents for paper ones. I often joke around about being a part time CT resident since I’m there so often but don’t actually live there. That being said I’m used the bag rule and I’m not about to pay 10 cents* so I try to remember bags.

There’s a few common things I’ve heard or seen

⁃ *panic look* “oh no we don’t have any bags!! How are we gonna carry all this without a bag!!” “Relax your in Massachusetts”

⁃ *at check out* nervously says “uhhh we don’t need a bag for those”

⁃ “Let’s see how much stuff we can fit in our arms without needing to have to use a bag”

⁃ “Wait a second.. if they still have produce bags.. they can’t charge us for those”

⁃ *empties out draw string backpack* “ah ha we can use this”

And just for fun (unrelated to bags)

– “aw they have paper straws…. it’s just gonna disintegrate by the time I finish this….”

*10 cents may sound like nothing but think about how many bags you get when you grocery shop for the week then take into account the amount of grocery trips you take in a year. Or you could get a reusable bag starting at under a dollar for the same as it would cost for roughly a couple trips to the grocery store using the bags they charge for everytime.

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