Global warming is no joke

As I write this it is currently 70 degrees and its almost NOVEMBER.

Global warming is one of the weirdest controversies because you can see it happening right before your eyes and there are some people who still choose to deny it.

The weather is staying warmer longer in the year and temperatures have spiked over the warmest months of the year leading to heatwaves. Heatwaves are no fun when your house doesn’t have AC throughout. We use window AC’s in our bedrooms but the rest of the house doesn’t have those type of windows..

The areas of the world where there usually lots of snow and ice is melting. This is especially a problem for animals that rely on the ice to travel from place to place. More importantly, they need the ice so they don’t drown. Food for these animals also starts to become in short supply if they are stuck in one area.

Yet some how global warming “isn’t real.”

It had been reported a couple years ago that all the written data about global warming had been wiped from severs. Whether that has changed now, I’m unsure. Either way it isn’t right to wipe data and just magically think its not a problem anymore.

Due to “non believers” this is a timely controversy. If something isn’t done to change this, its the end.


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