Planet-friendly parkas

I liked how this article mentions “because being warm shouldn’t cost the earth.” I am frequently cold once the weather starts to cool down and transition from summer to fall. I also liked how they included options in different price ranges and buying vintage/ second hand. Not everyone can afford the same price as a lot of bloggers out there so it was nice to see there were a range of price options.

by Hannah Rochell

Because keeping warm shouldn’t cost the Earth

It’s officially not summer anymore! Which makes it well and truly coat weather, and as such I’ve had a lot of messages on Instagram asking me where to buy responsible winter warmers.

I’ll be honest, this is not an easy one to answer. I’ve spent the last few months since I gave up shopping educating myself on the non-fast fashion ethical and sustainable brands that will be my go-tos once I allow myself the odd new items of clothing here and there in the future. But many of them stop short of producing anything REALLY warm, and I imagine this is because it often means the use of down (and feathers are often not collected in a cruelty-free manner), and/or waterproof polyester. Plus they are an expensive thing to produce.

I doubt I will be buying a new winter coat for about a…

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