Comparing Secondhand Clothing Websites | My Four Favorites

A pretty good article comparing several ways on online consignment.

My Unique Nest

The variety of items you can find secondhand is endless, but today I will be narrowing in on four of my favorite secondhand clothing websites. In a world where we are becoming more conscious of sustainability, thrifting has become a common way of life. Some of you may also shop secondhand because you love a good deal. So regardless of which category of shopper you are, let’s get into it!

Can you believe that you can secondhand shop from your couch? It’s probably the easiest way to bargain shop, but it does tend to cost more (compared to shopping in your local thrift/consignment shops) since the site has to get their cut of the money and pay the consigner for the clothing. You can still find some AMAZING deals on name brand clothing through these sites. If you’re interested in shopping any of these sites, click on the sites logo…

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