Final Post

Looking back at my work throughout the course of the semester, I hope my publication has been worth the read. I set out to do an eco-friendly/ sustainable blog for this class with only a few ideas on what to write about and now I have a whole collection of posts on this topic. I didn’t intend on it being mostly sustainable brands but I think it worked out well. I also learned a lot more about some of the brands I wrote about. I may never be the perfect sustainable person and may make some mistakes but its the effort to be more eco-friendly that counts, it at least has a better impact than if I were to carry on using plastic products.

I hope the eco-friendly brand aspect brought something interesting to the table and people enjoyed reading my blog. This blog was inspired by Lemonstripes, a blog written by a mom in CT that is eco-conscious but also has a variety of different topics she talks about including gift guides around the holidays.

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