Seventh Generation: Plant Power

For those of you that haven’t heard of this company, Seventh Generation is a company known for cleaning products made from plants. Their brand motto is Creating Powerful Plant-Based Solutions for Home & Family For Over 30 Years.

These cleaning products include household & disinfectant cleaners along with detergents and soaps for dishes, laundry and hands all of which are plant-based. I haven’t tried all their products but I LOVE their hand soap. It leaves your hands feeling clean and doesn’t leave a residue like some of the other soaps I have used.

Aside from the cleaning products they also have what they refer to as baby care, feminine care, as well as household paper and trash bags. So it’s safe to say they have a lot of bases covered in this company.

Seventh Generation is a huge breakthrough for the environment and for people who have allergies/sensitivities to usual household products. I didn’t realize how many products we use every day. One week, a family member suddenly started getting hives which turned out to be linked to the dryer sheets. Seventh Generation’s free and clear dryer sheets seemed to help. Also, a friend is allergic (like needs an epi-pen allergic) to all Clorox and Lysol products. She uses Seventh Generations disinfectant wipes which serve the same purpose without being life-threatening.

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